Robot: One! Uglies: Zerooo!

The OPW session is behind and it's a time to gather stones together.

Stone #1: Estimation vs implementation

Everything planned was implemented. Nothing unplanned was implemented. Full congruence, not bad, not bad…

Stone #2: Bugs found

Ten. Good work, fuzzer!

Stone #3: Community

I lost my attachment to people fond of what they're doing, and having fun from it. It's extremely infectious and I hope to become a “chronic”.

Stone #4: Incremental programming

It helped me to implement a working and rather effective application, when its architecture could not be entirely designed from the beginning. But the resulting system came out too monolithic, that slightly complicated the testing process and made my inner perfectionist to scornfully sniff.

Stone #5: Plans

  1. Continue to support the fuzzer
  2. Join another Open Source community to improve my skills and make the Universe better (I think that OpenHatch will be a good start for this)
  3. Get used to write posts about interesting technical stuff
  4. Participate in another internship-like project

Stone #6: Thanks

Well, what closing credits without thanks! In the first place I want to thank my parents mentors: Stefan Hajnoczi and Fam Zheng. Also special thanks to Kevin Wolf and QEMU community for technical consultations. Thanks to Sumana Harihareswara for showing a full spectrum of opportunities around. And hats off to all coordinators and organisers of OPW. You made a great work.